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Getting Data Easily

Thank you for your interest in buying cheap data from Sigma. I am overwhelmed by the trust and support of my customers from the very beginning.

If you would like to buy data, please ensure to follow the procedure detailed on the website about buying data.

Be Specific

It is essential to be very specific about what has been done. That is why the format on the data sales page asks for every valuable information that will help me track a payment and send data to the right number.

Always specify the phone number you want to buy data on in the text message you send. Don’t just assume that I should know. Even if it is the same number you send the message with, please specify the phone number for data.

If you make a payment, tell me how much you paid and the number to send data to. Don’t assume I know your name. Just follow the procedure

Delivery Delays

Sometimes you don’t get data within 10 minutes. Here are a few possible scenarios:

  • You paid to the bank account and the money has not reflected. I would always wait until I get your payment.
  • There are other customers ahead of you. I would wait for your turn
  • You didn’t send your request in the format we specified. I will ask you to resend your request in the correct format and wait for you to do so.
  • You sent too many low denomination recharge cards. If you want to buy 1gb and the price is 1400 for instance, you can send a single card of 1500 and I will send back your change to your line. I don’t enjoy loading many low denomination cards.

I hope this article helps.

Thank you for trusting in us.

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